comunicato | Rome, 12 June 2017

Engineering, Municipia and Ekovision, together in the environmental hygiene market

Engineering, Municipia (Engineering Group) and Ekovision have signed an agreement to offer a complete solution to companies and organisations within the environmental sector, bringing together their respective skills and excellence. The agreement follows the purchase of 19% of Ekovision's share capital by Municipia, which now joins Sei Toscana, the historical majority shareholder.

The solution conceived by the agreement, also integrated and deliverable in Cloud mode, starts with logistics management activities, metering and geolocation; it includes collection scheduling, industrial accounting, punctual tariff scheduling and contact channel management, both physical and mobile, in 'self-caring' mode. It also includes classic billing and back-office activities, receipts and reminders, ascertaining evasion, the taxpayer's record and notifications and also enforced recovery.

Silvano Volpe, Managing Director of Municipia declared; "With this agreement, the integration between the solutions provided by Engineering, Municipia and Ekovision, creates a comprehensive functional coverage for environmental companies, which can rely on a 360° product and consulting solution, based on functional skills and new innovative technologies developed thanks to thirty-five years market experience and numerous technological research studies".

"An agreement that introduces the concept of a "single interlocutor" to the sector: a single reference, therefore, for companies to optimise processes and costs in an ever more green world," says Paolo Cenderelli, Managing Director of Ekovision.


Ekovision is a software design, development and assistance company with a strong know-how in ERP, aimed at waste-management companies. The company has an eye to the future, delivering state-of-the-art technology for environmental services, based on native web platforms, integrated and integrable with mobile devices, constantly aligned to new demands, thanks to a constantly updated proprietary programming system.