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The Data Scientist arrives at the University of Perugia

Launch of second-level Master in Data Science sponsored by Engineering Group

The second-level Master in Data Science, of which Engineering Group is promoting sponsor, was launched today at the University of Perugia during Career Day 2016.

The Master aims to train the Data Scientist, a new professional figure that is increasingly in demand as an expert in defining business strategies and with skills in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Economics and Business Administration, Communication and Marketing. The Data Scientist training programme will start with the new academic year 2016/2017 and will be held on the University of Perugia's Campus.

The Master, which will be held entirely in English for up to 30 candidates, is designed for students, graduates and workers who want to affirm, enhance and develop their skills in Data Science. The students selected will have at their disposal a faculty comprising both Italian teaching staff who are sector experts and foreign guests with an excellent technical-scientific reputation. The training programme also envisages internships with Engineering Group and other participating companies, such as IBM, for the final project for obtaining the diploma.

The partnership with the University of Perugia was launched in December in order to support the initiative from the content, educational and financial points of view through Engineering Group's "Enrico della Valle" Training School and Research & Development Department within the context of the European EDISON project, launched in September 2015 to speed-up the process of creation of the profession of Data Scientist at international level.

Alessandro Bennici, Director of Engineering Group's Training Department, said: "Through our "Enrico Della Valle" IT & Management School, we have always been very active in promoting and supporting the development of new educational and learning programmes that are able to anticipate future demand for skills and know-how of companies that want to be successful in the digital market of the near future."

“The Master was also created to give Umbria new growth prospects in the field of Data Science,” said Gianluca Reali, professor at the University of Perugia's Department of Engineering and academic referent for the Master, “and it is strongly oriented towards business needs of alignment with international best practices in the use of Big Data for gaining competitive advantages in many socio-economic sectors, such as trade, financial services, healthcare, the energy sector, telecommunications, the web and social media, manufacturing, business management and strategic consulting.”

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