comunicato | Rome, 19 April 2017

Francesco Bonfiglio new CEO of

Francesco Bonfiglio is the new CEO of SpA, the company responsible for the 4 data centers of the Engineering Group which guarantees the operativeness of more than 350 clients distributed across Italy and worldwide.

Bonfiglio arrives in Engineering with the aim of enriching the portfolio of services that offers to support clients in digital transformation and improving its market visibility.

“Today, clients are fully aware of the potential that the cloud can enable but also that this is a means and not the end,” said Bonfiglio. “Companies which, like Engineering, decided decades ago not to divest but rather to develop their own data centers, are today the only ones able to combine strategy with the elements of concreteness and speeds of implementation needed for the digital transformation required by all clients.”
With over 30 years of experience, Bonfiglio has led service, application and infrastructure organizations in strategic roles of transformation and focusing through digital innovation and the cloud.

Vice President for Avanade, Managing Director of the Accenture group, Chief Technology Officer for HP EMEA, Software Factory Director for Unisys and Technical Director for Rational Software are just some of the executive positions held in his professional career. He has also worked in many different industrial and market contexts: from Military to Manufacturing, Publishing, Fashion, Oil & Gas.

The strategic priorities of the newly-installed CEO include the transformation of into the Digital Services Platform of Engineering.
Many initiatives have already been implemented, leveraging existing assets and skills, expanding the portfolio with innovative Flexible Capacity, Hybrid Cloud, Edge Computing, Digital End User Services and Digital Back-Office solutions.