comunicato | Rome, 23 giugno 2014

Engineering's first Corporate Social Responsibility Report published

Pandozy “A great milestone, but this is only the beginning"

The Report includes several photographic stories from the exhibition Let's Change the Climate! Heroes of the Earth

Engineering, Italy's leading IT company, has published its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The Group wanted to begin a path of transparency on the matter of sustainability with all its stakeholders through a process of public, open statements.

This decision stands on the belief that the best results of economic development for the company cannot be achieved without strict observance of sustainability matters, from policies for its own employees to contribution for improvement of citizens' collective life, measuring of its own environmental impact and indications of the targets for improvement that the company will set itself autonomously each year, to control and measure said impact.

The Engineering Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report has been drawn up according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), GRI-G3.1 standard accounting principles, and has obtained certification of compliance from GRI at application C level. Next year it will be drawn up on the basis of the new GRI-4.1 accounting principles.

“Engineering's mission - said Paolo Pandozy, the Group's CEO - is the creation of solutions that know how to improve the functioning of the companies and citizens' life. Our company activity, which has always been inspired by ethical topics before economic ones, therefore leaves a strong impression on many aspects of our community life. Starting with the large community of thousands of professionals' families who work in some way for Engineering and to whom Engineering is committed to guarantee the best living and professional growth conditions, and also the community of citizens/users who, thanks to our solutions and the adoption of the most modern technologies, obtain more efficient services and finally an easier, less expensive relationship with the world of companies, services and institutions with whom they interact. This first statement of our policies and actions, seen from the viewpoint of their social impact and sustainability, intends to be the start of a path of greater transparency and openness with all our stakeholders. It is a result we are proud of, but which we consider to be a commitment to continuing with the path of consistency and attention towards the company's social accountability".

The document shows data, projects and services provided in 2013 to the communities and organizations with and for which Engineering has worked, in addition to the main economic and social impacts of its own activities, with special focus on Italy.

The report highlights the Group's lines of identity, code of ethics, relations with stakeholders and all the company's business assets, which, in the various markets where it operates (public and private) and using the various solutions and application areas (research, innovation, citizens' services, simplification, energy efficiency) converges its own strategies and actions towards the main objectives of modernizing the country.
The Corporate Social Responsibility Report also contains all the economic data, with particular attention to the value distributed to the Group's various stakeholders: an operating revenue of 822.8 million Euro, a generated direct economic value of 825.6 million Euro, a distributed direct economic value of 766 million Euro.

Photos from the exhibition Let's Change the Climate! Heroes of the Earth, accompany the document, a set of photographic stories created by important photographers who wanted to represent some heroes who defend our territory in different, fascinating ways. The stories of these heroes were on exhibition at the MAXXI center in Rome and then donated to the Elsa Morante social center.

Engineering's next Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2014 will have a different structure, it will have a higher number of sustainability indicators and will also indicate the annual improvement targets to be reached to obtain certification of the constant reduction of the social and environmental impact of the work by more than 10,000 people who work each day in some way for the Group.

The Engineering Corporate Social Responsibility Report is published on the website , page investor relations / csr.