comunicato | Rome, 03 October 2017

Transition from Information Technology to Digital Transformation and contribution to the growth of the country, related in the fourth edition of the Engineering's Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Engineering published its fourth Corporate Social Responsibility Report according to an innovative approach that enables stakeholders to understand its transition from Information Technology to Digital Transformation and its active role in the process of modernizing the country.

The Report includes a selection of more than 700 business projects that show how the Company, with the commitment of its 9,000 employees, supports the country in the most strategic areas (city, public administration and public relations, health, finance, telecom, energy, business) and on central issues such as the environment, cyber security and security intelligence.

Engineering's strategic investment in human capital is also confirmed by its implementation of skills development and staff training, which in 2016 amounted to more than 14,000 days, delivered at its IT & Management School, "Enrico Della Valle".

In 2016 Engineering supported and promoted initiatives and projects for the country's cultural and social growth: in academic, scientific, artistic, cultural and social sectors, with local and national impact, providing people, expertise and technological skills, also collaborating in the country's computer literacy projects.

Commitment, ethics, listening to the community and paying attention to the environment are areas where Engineering is focusing its activities and certain special projects, such as its collaboration with Socially Made in Italy, aimed at vocational training and the reintegration of Venice's prison inmates.

Michele Cinaglia, President of Engineering, confirmed: "Adopting the principles of sustainability for those who, like Engineering, have made innovation their business, is a challenge within the challenge; a goal that must be pursued in the knowledge that the future we are pursuing will make sense and will suit mankind only if achieved by following a responsible developmental path and protecting the environment."

The Report is supplemented by the introduction from Sergio de Vio, past President of Engineering, the external testimonies of opinion leaders and stakeholders and quantitative trends in the most strategic areas for the modernization of the country.

The Social Responsibility Report 2016, published at, was drafted in accordance with the "Core Option" of the new "G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines", published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).