comunicato | Naples, 24 dicembre 2014

The Sardinia Regional Administration has been awarded the "Premio eGovernment: i campioni del riuso" for its SIRA project realized by Engineering

The Sardinia Regional Administration has been awarded the "Premio eGovernment: i campioni del riuso" thanks to the Regional Environmental Information System - SIRA, during the Smau in Naples in 2014. This is an important trade fair event dedicated to IT and new ICT technologies.

The Sardinian Regional Administration received the prize in Naples as the administration that most distinguished itself for the realization and reuse concession of eGovernment and PA digitalization projects. SIRA makes all the environmental information immediately available and useable for other administrations, so that they have the necessary data for correct territory planning.

The SIRA system, realized by Engineering for the environmental defense department SAVI Service, was created with the aim of diffusing environmental information to the various levels of Public Administration, the various enterprise categories and private subjects.

The Sardinia Regional Administration Regional Information System project starts with the awareness that integration of autonomously managed information managed by each body and/or service and the sharing of this information over the regional remote network can provide a great boost of quality to both "specialized", targeted action carried out by all the subjects with management and control roles in the environmental area (e.g., the Provinces, Arpas, the water service management company, the Civil Engineering departments...), and regional territorial government and planning actions, mainly carried out by the Region, but also by local bodies.

Through a single databank, which gathers organized environmental information according to Sinanet directives, the information from the various bodies is shared and can be reused by all the players. Digitalization of the processes also allows simplification of procedural activity.

See also the "SIRA project-sheet".