Inventing and innovating

Inventing and innovating are two fundamental moments of the renewal process for the Group's offer.

Engineering believes in research and in the need to transform the potential of information technology into growth opportunities for its own clients through innovation, in a continuous alignment with the evolution of technologies, processes and business models.

Engineering opened its first research laboratory in 1987 and today, working with companies, universities and research centers both in Italy and overseas, it can count on:

  • 250 researchers
  • 70 ongoing research projects
  • 6 development laboratories
  • about 30 million Euro in annual investments on R&I.

The activities include the various challenges linked to the future of the Internet, intended as a global information system and computing environment.

The goal is to contribute to the change in markets and companies via solutions that can create innovative experiences for the users, in order to encourage a safe, aware use of information technology.