Research on smart green data centers exchanging energy with intelligent networks starts with GEYSER

Engineering leads the international research consortium GEYSER - Green networked Data Centres as energy prosumers in smart city environment.

GEYSER's goal is to realize a technological and business framework that allows the next generation data centers to interact with the smart cities' energy infrastructures, through exchanging electrical and thermal energy.

An active contribution for achieving energy efficiency goals in smart cities, therefore, is the expected result from the project (5 million of investment is planned), also in line with the growing attention paid by community policies toward the reduction of the environmental impact of human activities.

Data centers can be considered as prime players that can offer consumption flexibility to support the need for reductions in energy consumption in smart cities. In fact, compared to the autonomous solutions adopted locally so far (data center, building, apartment), the research with GEYSER will concentrate on a systematic approach, based on coordinating consumption and on cooperation between energy suppliers and individual consumers, with consequent higher energy savings.

Engineering aims to confirm its leadership in cloud services, aiming at energy efficiency in its own data centers.

As a prime contractor, Engineering has responsibility for the entire life cycle of the Energy Management System platform, from collecting user requisites to designing the architectural solution, developing and validating the proposed solution through a trial that will be carried out at the Pont-Saint-Martin data center.

The GEYSER consortium comprises 10 top European industrial, academic and institutional partners from six different countries: Italy Ireland, Greece, Spain, Switzerland and Romania.