CEDUS: City Enabler for Digital Urban Services

Engineering is a partner in the project for building a FIWARE-based software known as “City Enabler” for collecting urban data, supporting decision-making and creating digital urban services.

The EIT Digital-funded CEDUS research project applies the quadruple helix approach whereby urban service providers, businesses, city managers and citizens collaborate with each other to consume and produce urban data and create innovative urban services.

To this end, CEDUS provides a software platform (called “City Enabler”), which is based on two major technology assets: micro-services architecture and the use of various FIWARE Generic Enablers.

The aim of the project is to collect all urban data from heterogeneous sources (legacy systems, sensors, open data, private data) in a single access point (City Data Workspace) and analyse and process them to create new services and display them on a map.

City Managers can record their city sensors on the platform using the Device Manager. Using the Data Interpreter Tool, they can also define and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on urban data collected within the City Data Workspace.

A City Enabler implements a single front end (City Front End) which enables citizens to efficiently consume the urban services available within the platform.

City Front End also allows public service providers to create new services from one or more datasets in the City Data Workspace, which are appropriately processed (using the City Data Mashup Editor) on the basis of a Fiware data model and displayed on a map.

The CEDUS approach therefore makes it possible to overcome the limits of traditional public services and the closed and static nature of urban data, enriching and improving them through the active participation of all stakeholders involved.

The City Enabler market will focus primarily on metropolitan areas given that the complexity of the urban area implies that there are several public and private providers contributing to the release of urban services that manage data and information.

Target customers covered by the CEDUS project will thus be municipalities, users on the move and other urban-scale service providers.