CUTE: Curate and Tell

Cute is a tourist marketing system designed to provide search capabilities among content shared on social networks, storytelling and performance analysis of the stories.

Cute enables the portals of Entities, Public Administrations and tourist destinations to become more dynamic and social, improving communication performance with dynamic and fresh content at lower editing costs.

To do this, Cute rediscovers and reinterprets the value of narration and the concept of the story. A Cute story is a mix of original editorial content and material (typically multimedia) retrieved from all social networks and/or cultural services such as Europeana or Wikipedia.

The merger of its own content and that of third parties takes place via an intuitive interface, accessible from any browser as SaaS, and reduces the costs of territorial promotion, especially of the production of multimedia material, to increase social involvement and to update content that narrates a territory more frequently.

Cute involves users and territorial marketing specialists in a dynamic and social way. The manager can create stories by aggregating and integrating content from all major web sources, including social networks. Cute allows the professional user to define content marketing strategies through the planning of research, integration with analytics systems and analysis of social content, making it possible to discover new trends, and monitor social reputation and the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.