PATHway: Physical Activity Towards Health

Engineering contributes to the project which aims to research and develop exercise technology in the fight against Heart Disease.

PATHway is a €5m research project which aims to improve the rehabilitation experience of patients recovering from Cardiovscular Disease (CVD), the leading cause of premature death and disability in Europe and worldwide, which costs the EU economy almost €196 billion every year. 

The PATHway (Physical Activity Towards Health) project will develop Connected Health technologies to create personalized rehabilitation programs for patients, allowing them to take part in remote exercize sessions in the privacy of their own homes, receive immediate feedback and, more generally, adopt a healthier lifestyle. Instructions and advice will be provided by an online avatar and user feedback can be recorded through the use of sensors placed on the patient as they perform their exercises.

The technology will ultimately enable the patient to develop a comprehensive lifestyle intervention program, in conjunction with his or her avatar, including physical activity, smoking, diet, stress management, alcohol use and medication compliance.

Engineering is responsible for the functional and architectural specification of the platform, starting from the requirements expressed by the users and the involved stakeholders. In particular,the definition of a unique data model for the entire system, according to a privacy-by-design approach.

Engineering also contributes to the drafting of the Data Management Plan and specifically to the definition of guidelines and procedures so that the system is compliant with the legal and ethical requirements relevant to the context of the project. Engineering is also involved in the definition of the project implementation plan.