INGRID: High-capacity hydrogen-based green-energy storage solutions for grid balancing

European research consortium for the realization of an electrical energy storage system based on the use of hydrogen, fully controlled by an Energy Management System ICT platform.

The main innovation in this project coordinated by Engineering is combining technologies for using hydrogen stably and safely, with adaptive ICT management, monitoring, control and real time balancing technologies for the production and demand of energy in intelligent electrical grids (Smart Grids).

All this in the presence of high energy production from renewable sources (in particular photovoltaic panels and turbine generators). The expected result is to increase efficiency of electrical energy production by at least 20%, with a considerable production from renewable sources, with clear positive effects on environmental impact.

As a prime contractor, Engineering has the responsibility for the entire life cycle of the

ICT Energy Management System ICT platform, from gathering user requisites to designing architectural solutions, to the development and implementation and interconnection with the information systems at Enel Distribuzione, a partner in the INGRID project.

In particular, the Energy Management System will have the task of appropriately managing relations between all the sub-systems (Renewable Sources, Electrical Grid, Green Energy Storage, and Electrical Mobility) and immediately re-directing energy peaks from renewable sources on the Smart Grid and/or on the electrical mobility sub-system.