Strategic Initiatives

Engineering takes part in several research initiatives and programs both in Italy and Europe, through public-private networks and partnerships where it works with several organizations on the definition of strategies for the growth and competitiveness of digital companies and economies, in the main emerging ICT sectors.

OASC - Open & Agile Smart Cities

The initiative, signed by cities from Europe and Latin America, aims to kickstart the use of FIWARE standards to foster the development of Smart City applications and solutions. Its vision is to create an open smart city market based on the needs of cities and communities.

IDSA - International Data Spaces Association

Engineering is member of IDSA, a virtual data space which supports the secure exchange and simple linking of data in business ecosystems on the basis of standards and by using collaborative governance models.

Sicilian Micro and Nano Systems Technology District

Promoted by MIUR in collaboration with the Sicilian Regional Administration, its acts as an "interface in the chain of knowledge" via a strategic and operational networking system via research and enterprise, and between the public and private sectors.

5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership

Lauched by the European Commission and industry producers, TLC operators, service providers, SMEs and researchers, the association aims to provide solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for next generation telecommunications infrastructures.

ECSO - European Cyber Security Organisation

Engineering is a Partnership Board member of the initiative whose mission is to promote the Cyber Security in Europe. ECSO is a non-profit organization whose members include major European, SME and start-up companies, users and operators, research centers, universities, clusters and associations.

WssTP - Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform

Launched by the European Commission in 2004, it's currently one of the best-performing European Technology Platforms which mission is to foster research of collaborative, innovative and integrated technologies in the water sector.

FIWARE Accelerator Programme

Launched by the European Commission in 2014, putting 80 million euros to businesses and entrepreneurs to help them develop innovative projects based on FIWARE technologies. The first Open Call has been successful with more than 3,200 submitted projects.

AIOTI - The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation

Launched by the European Commission and various IoT key players, AIOTI aims to give EU the lead in the Internet of Things field creating a dynamic European IoT ecosystem.

European Institute of Innovation and Technology - EIT Digital

The European Commission's main instrument for sustaining the economy of ICT knowledge and innovation for economic growth and quality of life.


Innovative space where citizens, public administrations and companies can work together in identifying the concrete needs of the territory. Born from the PON R&C 2007/2008 initiative, as a form of public and private partnership with a focus on people: People Public Private Partnership (PPPP). Member of the European Network of Living Labs since 2013.

Big Data Value

Non-for-profit industry-led, partner of the European Commission, with members from across Europe. The association comprises large and small industry and research entities committed to creating value from Big Data, one of the major driver of the European digital economy. Engineering is a founding member of the initiative.

Future Internet Public-Private Partnership for Internet-enabled innovation

A program that proposes to promote Europe's competitiveness in the technologies sector for the Internet of the future and to sustain the creation of advanced applications for public and social Internet.

European Organisation for Security

A European industrial initiative based on the duo of IT and cyber-security, aimed at increasing awareness of security in Europe.

Open source initiative supported by Engineering

An initiative developed and managed by Engineering with the aim of creating industrial level free/open source software.

Open source community for infrastructure software

An international research consortium dedicated to the development of open source software for distributed infrastructures.

European Technology Platform for Software and Services

A technology platform that aims to develop a strategy for software and services led by a common European research agenda.

DHITECH Technology District

Integrated System of Training, Research and Innovation, which is an eco-system of high-tech, innovative entrepreneurship, with a shareholding structure comprising both public and private shareholders.