Programming, Budget and Control of INAIL

The new platform facilitates the institute's management and productivity by optimizing general performances, especially in terms of the quality of the levels of service provided to citizens.

In observance of the main regulations set on non-economic public bodies' administration and accounting and due to its own management and control needs, INAIL has defined a new planning, budget and control process.

This important change has required the development of a complex system that has integrated various thematic areas, totally disconnected up to that point, both technologically and functionally. 

During the planning phase, the institute's management and control needs  can be summarized in the need to achieve full integration of strategic, operational and management goals, results and resources, in order to arrive at the development of financial planning connected with the strategic plan and the optimal allocation of the available resources in relation to the plan itself, building a fundamental reference parameter to constantly check the extent to which planned goals have been achieved.

For this purpose, the institute intended to obtain a planning and control process that allows:

  • the development of operational, management and production goals consistently with strategic goals
  • planning actions to realize goals
  • connecting financial, economic and human resources to planning
  • defining a goal and resource allocation system based on the criterion of negotiation
  • introducing a planning system aimed at allowing analysis according to a multidimensional perspective.

Due to the extent of the intervention, both in terms of analysis and modeling of processes and of technological interventions, the project presented sizable project complexity, addressed with Engineering's contribution and specific experience in these thematic and dimensional contexts.