MVNE: supporting business models by minimizing risks for the Operators

Engineering has used the MVNE platform for a leading TLC operator in the Italian and overseas market. The platform allows mobile telephone service provision by Mobile Virtual Network Operator in a Wholesale and Retail world.

The solution is implemented on SOA architecture, enables rating & billing, provisioning, and monitoring & reporting functions, and uses the most recent technological market developments to support provision of converging services. In particular, the solution's architecture is based on the use of some of Engineering's components, integrated with the rating engine, which fully covers the relative processes.

The Engineering components manage the resource management process, integration and orchestration of the provisioning process by the MVNOs, ensuring maximum configurability for the platform and support for all the virtual operators in "multi company mode".

The MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) platform realization and subsequent evolution project shows Engineering's capacity to realize highly innovative solutions that can interpret and support the affirmation of new business models, minimizing risks for the operators.