NEPTIS: ICT solutions for increased enjoyment and exploration of cultural heritage

The NEPTIS project aims to create a model for engaging players in the cultural heritage sector, in which the user is not only a consumer but also plays an active role in the creation of content and services related to cultural heritage.

The main purpose of the project is the creation of CONCEPTOURING, a flexible system that makes it possible to create mobile applications for supporting the enjoyment of individual contents and cultural experiences before, during and after the visit.

CONCEPTOURING makes is possible to "create" application templates configured as graphics, as a set of functionalities as well as type of content.

The system is therefore a sort of web-based "collaborative authoring system" that operators (and users-visitors) can use to build multimedia, interactive, dynamic, adaptive, contextualised, customisable and exciting cultural itineraries.

The enjoyment of such itineraries takes place mostly through personal mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). 

The main results of NEPTIS are thus:

  • a generator of APPs that differ in terms of look and feel, functionality and sections of context sections (tourism, gastronomy, ...)
  • a web application for the description of cultural itineraries using gaming policies
  • a collaborative environment for co-creation of content.