INAIL employees portal

The new platform simplifies and improves administrative management of the institute's employees, reducing administrative secretaries' work and paper-based documents, and expanding user autonomy.

The employees' portal, realized by Engineering for INAIL, makes all information and management functions required for workers, area managers and administrative secretaries available in a homogeneous, integrated manner, making them otherwise accessible and profiled on the basis of various needs and roles.

These are  the main functions offered:

for executive managers/area managers
- holiday/absence/working hours management
- salary data
- training curriculum

for secretaries:
- Beneficial validations and variations to personal details
- Facilitator: communications of holidays/illness

- Management of certificates
- Management of missions

for users:
- personal details of employee/family members
- Seniority of contributions
- social security benefits/calculation of ISEE
- IBAN code
- Tax deductions
- Management of holidays/absences/working hours
- Mobility
- Missions
- Sirio pension fund

The system can be accessed using profile based on individual users both via the company intranet and the internet  website,