Managing incoming payments for Bologna City Council

A new organizational, operational model, technological innovation and online services for citizens and enterprises.

Bologna City Council's and Engineering's response to new demands in managing local taxation in the project guidelines: fiscal equity, transparency, managerial efficiency and combating tax evasion.

Bologna was one of the first Italian municipalities to outsource the direct ordinary and enforced collection of the main municipal taxes (ICI-IMU and TARSU-TARES) in all the phases of the process, from determining rates to collecting on issue and notifying deeds, up to preemptive and executive acts in the event of arrears. Counter services and contact centers have also been outsourced. An all round service - technologies, services and competences - entrusted to Engineering Tributi, the Group company specialized in local taxation solutions for more than 700 municipal clients.

Technology has a central role in the new management service, especially solutions for taxation databank quality in terms of completeness, consistency and data updating, and also business intelligence tools for monitoring revenue and connected operational activities that are able to provide essential scenarios and simulations for government processes in a topic that is now a priority for Territorial Local Bodies' actions.

Another moment of evolution in the service was the offer of online information and operation tools, simplifying relations between the council and the taxpayers, but also reducing management costs for the service.

A new organizational model with new technologies, which have allowed Bologna City Council to focus its own actions and internal competences on more strategic activities for managing local taxation, such as programming, coordination and control.