CRM Flight

Flight CRM: the customer always at the forefront

In an increasingly competitive market, knowing one’s own customers in order to provide a personalized service and increase customer loyalty is becoming strategic.

The Mobile CRM solution provides flight attendants with all the information about passengers that is needed for optimal management prior to and during the flight.
This information is not just general, but also regards passenger preferences about menus on board, seating, travel history and any reports made.
Very useful information that allows staff on board to identify the customers with highest added value and to customize services according to individual need.
Thanks to the use of the wide range of functions provided, the flight attendants can receive updated information in real time, carry out several activities without needing any paper documents, and also improve general times and efficiency.

The system, developed by OverIT, Engineering's Mobile Competence Center, on a Geocall Mobile platform, is used on Motorola Xoom2 tablets on medium/long range flights and allows verification of data in offline mode too.
The functions include:

  • consultation of passenger list for by flight number (PIL)
  • consultation of detailed information about individual passengers found in the PIL, coming from the CRM
  • consultation of flight information
  • entering of notes about individual passengers, which will be sent via email to a dedicated address.