Giorgio Fanti Group: renewing the IT and optimizing the company processes

MHT entrusted to the implementation of a system for the improvement and the simplification of all Group stages of production.

The Giorgio Fanti Group operates for sixty years in the segment of the design and manufacture of metal containers, providing a product that is among the highest quality standards, satisfying different demands and responding to national and international standards for the sectors “general line” and varnishes, food, cosmetic.

With the business growth, the Group had the need to renew the information system, choosing a single high-end solution that could support the company’s evolution and would fit in a flexible manner to technological changes, administrative, logistics and production.

The software should allow for coordinate the processes of the Italian offices and interface with the European ones, monitoring, analyzing and correlating the wealth of information in real time. In addition, it was essential to uniform the management platform for all companies in the Group to allow the adaptation to the peculiarities of each.

During the software selection, Microsoft Dynamics AX has proved the most suitable to meet the needs of the customer, thanks to its flexibility and internationality.

MHT was chosen as the partner for the ERP integration thanks to its extensive experience in this area, confirmed by Achieved certifications and references a portfolio.

After a initial phase of analysis to allow the correct implementation of the software, MHT has set Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Group’s Financial Area, improving the administrative and accounting processes. After, the management has been extended to the Operation Area, from controlled the ICM company and finally to the Headquarters.

In each company, the platform has been customized based on the number of users and the complexity of the processes to be managed, also supplementing with software already in use for specific workflows, including the logistics, the automatic warehouse management and the scheduling of production.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, the Giorgio Fanti Group failed to reach its original objectives, optimizing processes, simplifying procedures, reducing the amount of paper documents, speeding the transfer of information, and finally, carefully checking the data of all stages the company workflow.

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