118 Bologna Emergency Services Operations Center

Reference model for organization, technology and service quality.

One of the first in Italy to be completely computerized at the start of the 1990s, the Bologna 118 Emergency Services is now part of a regional service for managing emergencies, 118ER, a reference model for organization, technology and service quality. Engineering has been the Bologna Operations Center's and the regional project's technological partner for several years now, thanks to its experience in developing software and in system integration for 118 since 1994.

The EMS system from the Engineering AREAS® application platform is at the center of the integration and governance of the entire intervention process, which has allowed for the creation of a management network and improved efficiency in healthcare emergencies. Thanks to AREAS® EMS the location of the emergency and that of the caller are identified immediately, the most suitable vehicle is alerted and guided along the fastest route. The most suitable Emergency Room is also identified and notified. In this complex process, the telecommunications and data transmission systems, the geo-referencing and navigation systems and the emergency vehicles' mobile devices are integrated and coordinated by an Engineering solution, which supports the Center operator in his decision-making and operational processes.

Several years after its creation, the Bologna Operations Center continues to be one of the main national references for managing healthcare emergencies, a reality where information and telecommunication technologies merge with medical knowledge and the operators' professional skills.