NUE 112: Engineering is a partner for the first start-up for the Single Emergency Number

First activation in Italy in the Province of Rimini at the 118 Romagna Soccorso Operations Center.

Activation of the Single Emergency Number, 112, has taken place in Italy in line with European directions: a single number in all countries to provide citizens with a channel for requesting help in emergencies.

The “NUE 112” project provides that the current 112 and 113 numbers will all merge into a single emergency number, which all citizens, including foreigners (the service is available in several languages), can contact. Geolocation is one of the most vital technologies of the project, thanks to its integration with other systems, and which allows the caller to be identified rapidly, whether he/she is calling from a landline or a mobile phone.

Engineering, a leader in solutions for managing emergency Operations Centers (118), has been one of the main protagonists of this project, working with its client 118 Romagna Soccorso, the Carabinieri Police Force, the State Police Force and the Fire Brigade, especially in the realization of caller geolocation services and for the distribution of the contact sheet among the bodies involved in the request and intervention.

In the future, the number can also be used for other bodies such as the National Forestry Corps (1515) or the Coast Guard (1530), while at the moment, other emergency numbers such as for the Fire Brigade (115) and Healthcare Emergencies (118) are still active.