Mobile innovation for Trade Marketing management

The solutions, created for a food & beverage sector multinational, is aimed at optimizing the marketing activities of the agents in the distribution network.

The project was carried out using the potential of the Mobile Accelerator module developed by OverIT, Engineering's Mobility Competence Center, and ensuring integration with the SAP platform for viewing master data.
The solution provided for implementation of a series of functions aimed at both operations such as portfolio consultation and viewing customer's positions on a map, both for trade marketing and for consultation of documents, visual organization of consumption points and filling out of surveys for performance monitoring.

Server functions

Document sharing: the solution provides for management and sharing of documents made available to the merchandisers.

Mobile functions

Search for point of sale: the solution asks to visualize all the detailed data about point of sale, including sales performance data. Starting from the user's current locations it is also possible to find the nearest PoS on a map and calculate the distances and directions to reach them.

Personalization of PoS: it is possible to carry out visual editing on the images taken of the PoS themselves, in order to share a graphic preview of how it could be customized, respecting the branding guide lines. 

Creation of brochures: general, promotional or event brochure drafts can be created, using pre-set templates and graphic elements, to be shown to the PoS reference person and to eventually send by email to the back-office for printing.

Creation of menus: similar to the creation of brochures, this function allows graphic editing on a tablet starting with templates and pre-set elements, for the creation of menus to be sent to the back-office for printing.