Digital & Mobile Workplace transformation program

Engineering has embarked on a process of radical transformation in the context of the Digital WorkPlace, using a cloud-based solution that has involved almost all the over 10,000 employees in 50 company sites around the world.

The project which was developed had several goals: enable cooperation and more efficient communication among colleagues; meet the business needs of all corporate areas (according to specific process peculiarities); reduce times dedicated to transfers and their costs; increase company efficiency and productivity; share new ideas; discuss new topics and find answers within business communities; and harmonize and standardize business processes and tools according to the different Group companies acquired over the years.

The technological solution adopted by Engineering was Office 365.

The following are some of the results achieved 6 months after launch of the project:

  • 32% of employees  have participated at least once in online meetings via Skype For Business, reducing transfer times and costs
  • more than 15% of groups work constantly online with Teams and Sharepoint, new technologies that improve efficiency and optimize the execution times of individual activities
  • 53% of employees use devices on the move for e-mail, remaining connected and increasing the efficiency of their work.

The methodology applied in Engineering is based on 4 main pillars:

  • use of innovative and engaging tools and communication methods that directly involve users in the project context
  • a change management and awareness plan for users in order to facilitate the adoption of new services
  • continuous monitoring of all KPIs on adoption and customer satisfaction
  • support to users for the use of new services through interactive videos, web conference training and ad hoc communications.