EDISON: Education for Data Intensive Science to Open New science frontiers

Engineering is a partner of the international project which aims to support the establishment of the new profession of Data Scientist for European Research and Industry.

EDISON is a European research project with the purpose of accelerating the process of establishing the profession of Data Scientist. This will be achieved by coordinating the vision and activities of the stakeholders who will contribute to and benefit from Data Science as a professional practice.

The effective use of Data Science technologies requires new skills and demands for new professions, usually referred as the Data Scientist: an expert who is capable both to extract meaningful value from the data collected and also manage the whole lifecycle of Data, including supporting Scientific Data e-Infrastructures.

The future Data Scientists must possess knowledge (and obtain competencies and skills) in data mining and analytics, information visualisation and communication, as well as in statistics, engineering and computer science, and acquire experiences in the specific research or industry domain of their future work and specialisation. We call this profession the Data Science Professional (DSP).

The project also develops a sustainability/business model to ensure a sustainable increase of Data Scientists, graduated from universities and trained by other professional education and training institutions in Europe. In order to achieve this, EDISON works with the major Data Science stakeholders from academic, research communities and industry, as well as with the professional community to help them to obtain proper education and training and/or formal certification for already practicing self-made Data Scientists, grown from the advanced research projects who want to build a new career in Data Science.

In addition, consistent Data Science education and professional training requires besides theoretical knowledge access to real scientific data infrastructure and real large data sets to acquire practical experience and develop data centric thinking. EDISON leverages on EGI infrastructure and community/activities to create a supporting infrastructure for Data Science education and training that will include both example datasets and virtual labs which will allow the students or trainees to work with real data sets, infrastructure and tools.

EDISON facilitates the establishment of a Data Science education and training infrastructure at major European universities by promoting experience of 'champion' universities involving them into coordinated development and implementation of the model curriculum and creation of cooperative educational and training infrastructure.