The app for controlling child vaccinations is here

The new app realized by Engineering for the Ministry of Health, which helps parents during the vaccination period for their children, is now available.

The new app created for the Ministry of Health suggests which vaccinations should be carried out and when to have them done, and it is also a useful reminder of the vaccinations doses already administered.

How does it work? The child's data is entered, with a photo and the child's doctor's details. The app proposes the recommended dates for the first dose of vaccinations (based on the National Vaccination Plan 2012-2014). Once the date of the first vaccination carried out has been entered, the app follows the parents and updates them about future dates.

After each vaccination is entered, it is possible to play with one's child, getting him/her to "crush" the pictures of viruses and bacteria with a simple click.

The app for smartphones is already available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone.