SISaR: Sardinian Regional Administration's Integrated Healthcare Information System

A unique experience for Italy: integration between the Regional Administration and the network of 8 Local Health Authorities and 3 hospitals in the SSR.

The role of regional administrations in healthcare organization is central to Italy's system. In this context, the availability of cutting edge regional and corporate information systems is an important prerequisite for efficient planning, organization and control, that can combine the guarantee of essential levels of assistance with economic-financial balance.

For this purpose, the Autonomous Sardinian Regional Administration launched the SISaR (Sistema Informativo Sanitario Integrato Regionale) project, which has produced the realization of an integrated single healthcare information system between the Region and the network of 8 local health authorities (ASL) and 3 hospitals of the SSR. A unique experience for Italy.

The project, realized with Engineering's technological contribution, is unique, not only from the organizational model point of view, but also from a technological one. All the application components of the new system are integrated into a single, common IT platform shared by all the subjects involved in the project: H-ERP AREAS®.

AREAS® manages and integrates all the activities of:

  • governance and monitoring at regional and corporate level
  • regional CUP (unique booking center) - with more than 15 million total bookings
  • management of hospital admittances and outpatients (381 departments with 1 million total admittances)
  • management of territorial healthcare services (40,000 files for legal medicine alone)
  • logistics, accounting and budget (1,300,000 total invoices)
  • management of human resources (1 million pay slips per month)
  • document management (1.5 million recorded documents).

This experience of excellence at national level has allowed the standardization of processes and technologies, increasing and improving the quality of the healthcare offer for citizens and the programming and governance capacity of "regional health system" administrators.