Managing clients while mobile

The mobile CRM solution for a food multinational that improves vendors' activities, increasing efficacy and efficiency in managing information about customers.

The characteristics of the solution

  • Fast, intuitive management of appointments and diary viewing (also in geo-located mode) with details of all information
  • Mobile CRM, with customer search by channel/geographical area/vicinity/personal info and viewing of client portfolio, also by map and of point of sale data (register, contact info...)
  • Multimedia survey management, for the monitoring of parameters regarding product placement and competition, and characteristics of customers/points of sale.

The heart of the solution is Mobile Accelerator, a component developed by OverIT, Engineering's Competence Center for Mobility.

The integration of Mobile Accelerator on SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) has allowed the creation and management of the application for several mobile devices and secures connection to a large number of different sources of back-end data, with the devices themselves. Integration with SUP has also provided for an open, flexible infrastructure that can respond strategically to the evolution of devices and client data sources.


  • Access to applications and data while mobile, simplifying the collection and use of information
  • Geolocation of information
  • Optimization and sharing of the sales network's skills and experience
  • Increase in productivity and quality of operational activities
  • Optimization of communication times between business and sales network and the various levels of the latter.