Virtual MAXXI

Thanks to Engineering's virtual reality you can go on a journey of the Architecture Collection and discover ten models by great masters.

Experimentation, planning and innovation are the keywords of this partnership between MAXXI (the national museum of XXI century arts of Rome) and Engineering.

The company has joined forces with the museum to create Virtual MAXXI, a virtual reality exhibition that allows visitors to explore some of the finest models in the Architecture Collection that are not currently on display, including those of Campo Baeza, Sacripanti and Rossi.

Thanks to the installation of three visors in Gallery 4 which houses the collection, the public may observe the works from every angle and explore the details accompanied by a voiceover narration: a virtual and immersive continuation of the conventional presentation of the collection, open free of charge for all.

The project has been developed thanks to the three-year partnership between MAXXI and Engineering and has been implement with the creative and strategic support of Bitglue, the creative innovation agency of Engineering.

The objective of the collaboration is to create and provide technological support for the museum's projects, guaranteeing their distribution, supporting contemporary creativity in all its forms – art architecture, dance and photography – with maximum involvement of the public.