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Reduction of risk, costs and errors: the key role of the standard ISA-95

International organizations have tried to provide a clear definition of MES functions and have created models that describe and standardize the MES systems.

150 resources in Turin, Genoa and Naples design and realize innovative solutions along the supply chain of the industrial process, which allow Engineering's client to correctly define software functions, the physical model of production capacity, the business model and the production process.

Engineering can boast a consolidated experience  thanks to  more than 500 turnkey projects (for more than 50 clients) that have helped  companies on an international scale in highly specialized and business critical activities in the industrial process concerning:

  • production control
  • process and product traceability
  • monitoring and diagnostics of production equipment
  • organization of the logistic and asset management system

In this realm, the ISA-95 standard developed by the ISA and ANSI, defining terminology and models used in MES system integration, allow a general, simple model to be applied to the main production areas. The objective of the standard is to reduce risk, costs and errors connected to using a corporate system and to managing production operations, by simplifying the inter-operations and encouraging integration.

The ISA-95 specifications were developed with the intention of encouraging standardization in using terms and models among all the players involved: reference architectures for software products and the ones used by final users.

The main functions of an MES system can be defined as follows:

  • Production Order Management
  • "Recipe" Management
  • Integration with Automation systems
  • Down Time & OEE
  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing intelligence
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Verification of finish product suitability

Engineering solutions are realized with leading software packages, such as: Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, GE Intelligent Platform, AspenTech, Miscorsoft, AP ME/MII.

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