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Managing placement of all damage products according to a business logic

A flexible suite that can be modeled to the damage company's needs, which allows all types of damage to be managed, including civil liability car insurance.

Thanks to its global, integrated proposal - consultancy, systems integration, applications, technologies, business process outsourcing or managed operations services - Engineering offers components based on an extremely flexible, parametric platform, which can adapt to all the companies' needs, comprising two main systems:

  • VDI (combined life and damage) which can manage all damage products, including Civil liability car insurance
  • Action (Product Manufacture) that allows the user to create, configure and manage all the products in the damage field using a fully parametric approach.

The two systems, which can be fully integrated with each other, offer sales and post-sales functions, management of insurance registers, management of technical accounting and provision calculations, thus supporting the various forms of sales channels.

Online and batch functions can always be parameterized and configured using Action, also with regard to the presentation of WEB pages, the production of documents and the dynamic nature of the insurance offer that includes products and guarantees.

The characteristics of the VDI system guarantee an opening to heterogeneous sales networks and channels and the presence of standardized interfaces simplifies integration with the other company systems.