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A new concept of territoriality

Engineering support the banking world in its aim to be the "hub" of local Smart Cities' services.

Thanks to its global, integrated proposal - consultancy, systems integration, applications, technology, business process outsourcing or managed operations services - Engineering supports financial services in listening to the territory, understanding vocations and aiding them, creating a perceived, sustainable real public value towards a project path for a true living lab.

The characteristics of the service proposed by Engineering:

  • Access always and anywhere
  • Data and information used in "Social and Digital" manner, following to a service center approach
  • Dematerialization of documents and simplification of contracts (digital signatures, electronic storage)
  • "Lighter", automated branches (focus on sales and consultancy, no operational activity, only self-service) - «hub and spoke»
  • Mobile payment - advanced Home banking - Hub payments for enterprises
  • Unified system that assembles all customer contact information (bank account, credit card, stock portfolio and interactions on social networks).