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Efficient solutions for Public e-Procurement: a strategic lever for the entire Country System

Topics related to the "reduction and quality of public expenditure" make management of PA and healthcare procurement a matter of primary importance. In this regard, synergies between regulations, organizational models and IT tools are a mandatory mode for increasing efficiency.

Engineering supports the public sector (Central and Local bodies, Local Health Authorities (LHA) and hospitals) in all the procurement process modes and phases, providing solutions that can be integrated with decision-making, government, logistic and accounting processes that are managed by specific applications or ERP platforms.

The Group's offer of applications and technology provides clients with suitable support for all procurement and market relations modes, allowing them to adhere to legal provisions and achieve administrative-management objectives. Engineering's solutions and projects manage and integrate with computer tender procedures, according to the technological and procedural modes provided for in law and on the basis of the Group's experience with the largest national public realities.

Efficiency and transparency have always guided the Group's projects in this sector, as a guarantee for public bodies, suppliers and the market, who are aware of the "strategic and not simply "administrative" role of processes in this realm.