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The reference technological partner for accounting processes

Increasingly reduced resources for ever higher expectations. Companies' and public bodies' capacity to improve the relationship between the production factors used and the levels of service provided for the citizen becomes the most important element.

A complex organization needs accounting and control instruments that can provide greater transparency and efficiency, in line with the management's requests or with legislative provisions, and that are able to actively support the achievement of balance sheet goals.

Engineering is the reference partner for these organizations, thanks to an offer of application solutions, technological, organizational and regulatory skills for management-accounting aspects. An undisputed leadership in the PA sector, with points of excellence in healthcare organizations, where Engineering's Administration and Control applications have been chosen by more than 100 clients (Regional Administrations, LHA and hospitals) and are used daily by more than 10,000 healthcare sector workers.

The Group's coverage with this type of application is completed and optimized by an internal department specialized in organizational, administrative and management consultancy for the PA and healthcare.

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