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The placement of insurance products via Banks and Promoter Networks

Flexible solutions that can be modeled to the sector operator's needs.

Thanks to its global, integrated proposal - consultancy, systems integration, applications, technologies, business process outsourcing or managed operations services - Engineering oversees the life cycle of placing life insurance or damage insurance policies from one or more insurance companies, with which the broker has signed a sale agreement.

Engineering offers solutions that can:

  • Implement all the business models: networks with the company at the center of the entire structure of bank insurance models where the bank is at the center; Business Models where the new
  • subjects place the products and interact with both the insurance company for management and with the bank with regard to financial aspects.
  • Allowing a rapid offer of sales services without expensive, weighty internal infrastructures allows a focus on market opportunities, with the security of a platform that can evolve in harmony with the business model that is to be created
  • Making all insurance/financial product placement and management functions available in a single place: estimates, issue of contracts and post-sales services
  • Aiding the exchange of information between the broker and the company.