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Servizi a valore aggiunto e piattaforme innovative di comunicazione

An entire selection of services on the pre-chosen device that allow the bank immediate operativeness.

Thanks to a global, integrated proposal - consultancy, systems integration, applications, technologies, business process outsourcing or managed operations services - Engineering supports financial institutions in identifying and realizing the most suitable solutions and services for the chosen device, aiding communication at the point of contact and making the requested operations possible.

The proposal aims to cover the entire range of added value services that allow the bank immediate operativeness, with particular reference to the possibility for the user to consult his own account (balance, transactions, portfolio of stock...), give orders for trading transactions, make payments (bank transfers, top ups, giro credit transfers, from cards...)

All this is possible thanks  to platforms dedicated to the realization and deployment of applications dedicated to the mobile world, with the use of more innovative technologies and data transportation channels, enriched with solutions for the delivery of multimedia content and interactive services based on multichannel logic: Location Based Services, Mobile Social Networks, Client Mobile, Podcasting, Web TV, IPTV services, Multichannel Communication, Mobile Office, Widgets, Digital payments, SMS/MMS messaging.