Intensive Care Unit Medical Record

From Engineering's experience in e-Health, a specific system for clinical and nursing support in areas of intensive care.

ICU (Intensive Care Unit) - Medical Record is a next-generation solution for the clinical support and operational management of hospital activities at the high level of intensity of care that is performed in the units of: Intensive Care (Paediatric, Neonatal, Cardiological, ...), Stroke Unit, Resuscitation, Post-Surgery Room, Emergency Room and Intensive Observation.

In an intuitive, complete and safe way, the solution supports doctors and nurses in the activities of diagnosis, programming and execution of therapeutic interventions, monitoring and education.

ICU Medical-Record is a proactive tool which, through an overall view of the patient (Patient Badge), allows for rapid evaluation of his/her state and receiving alerts about his/her conditions. The system uses data presentation metaphors that enable navigating through the patient's clinical information, always having an overall picture of "what has already been done and by whom" and "what still needs to be done and by whom" available.

It is able to report the onset of specific changes in the patient's biometric parameters and other information gathered. It supports clinical activities through care protocols and consultation of specific guidelines for the intensive care area. It features an Agile Score System Manager, which provides both score instruments for use in the process of patient admission and assessment (EWS, APACHE II, GCS) and scores for the operational phases such as the choice of therapies to be adopted (HAS-BLED, CHADS2, CHA2DS2 VASc).

ICU-Medical Record can also be used directly at the patient's bed ( "bedside") using tablets and smartphones, ensuring functionality even in areas not covered by Wi-Fi (subsequent alignment of data).