The leading European CSS system for the Air Force that manages and resolves issues regarding anomalies found on aircraft by activating an innovative information management and decision-making support process.

“Integrated Logistic Services is a totally innovative system for the Consortium" says Eurofighter, through its own InfoTech Manager - "as it manages procedures that had never had any technological support in the past. The solution is configured as the first integrated system distributed in the Eurofighter network-NETMA".

The military sector is extremely complex by nature and every project that foresees the processing of data and information must be carried out in full observance of rigid security and secrecy policies. Companies and workers that wish to operate in this sector must abide by rules, procedures and be certified by the competent aeronautical authorities for the processing and management of classified and non-classified sensitive data.

The Eurofighter Typhoon, which includes engines supplied by another European consortium, EuroJet, is able to complete extremely agile maneuvers, both at high and low speeds. Qualified resources and innovative technology have been used to make it, the result of twenty years of experience, study and analysis, to offer military air forces that will use it (Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Spain) a very precise weapon destined to work alongside the well known Tornado in time. The Typhoon's support system plays a very important role, focused on the International Weapon System Support System (IWSSS).

In this realm, Alenia Aeronautica, responsible for the manufacture of a part of the aircraft, confirming full trust in the competence and seriousness that Engineering has shown over the years, has sustained the company's participation in the development project of some of the application solutions that support the Eurofighter Typhoon management.

Choosing Engineering was determined by the consolidated experience that the company has gained in the sector thanks to its participation in international projects. It is the first time that a distributed

Customer Support and Service information system has been developed for the military sector in Europe.

The areas of collaboration

Engineering presented an integrated Customer Support & Service system to the Eurofighter consortium, the client behind the entire IWSSS project, which has proven to be the most efficient solution for automating, monitoring and analyzing the various flows that involves about ten entities - including suppliers and customers - who continuously exchange information and technical data. The project is distributed on nine nodes spread through four European countries.

The Customer Support & Service system developed by Engineering provides for the implementation of two highly integrated applications that use the same application platform, Remedy. On one hand, the Request & Response manages all the communications and decision about technical problems that may arise in using the aircraft, on the other, the Change Request/ Change Proposal manages the requests that foresee any modification to the Typhoon's configuration. When the system receives a request (from the client, or also directly from the supplier industries) a ticket is opened and a series of procedures are started, previously established between Eurofighter and NETMA, which allow for the exchange of information between the various interlocutors: from when the manufacturing company acquires the problems to economic evaluation, negotiation phase and centralized approval at the highest hierarchical levels, (via the International Weapon System Support Center - IWSSC - formed by Eurofighter and the representatives of NETMA and the military air forces), to the start of implementation.

The document part is managed by dedicated Product Data Management tools, while access security is managed by integration with the Public Key Infrastructure systems for checking user authentication and access, in addition to electronic signatures for approvals.