Bank is Smart

It is impossible to turn back. The bank branch with counters, counter assistance and queues of customers is destined to merely fill a few pages of an album of memories. The future is digitization. Opposition to progress is actually a risk for worsening the crisis.

Purchase conduct is no longer straightforward (awareness, purchase, creation of loyalty) but is a continuous, dynamic loop and it is necessary to track it to identify where the flow is concentrated and where it is broken off.

The purchase process is based on accessibility and abundance of information (not all under the bank's control). It is necessary to know how to filter the mound of information that the new channels generate to isolate background noise from significant information.

Thanks to mobility, "closeness opportunities" can be offered. Intercepting the customer who is close to a point of sale can generate the proposal of promotions and discounts that attract the customer to that point of sale.

Bank is Smart

There is a new concept of territoriality: being the hub of local Smart Cities services. The solution is investing in the development of technological platforms.

The model is the Citigroup "Project Rainbow" that has invested 350 million dollars to create a unified system that assembles all clients' contact information (bank account, credit cards, portfolio of shares and interactions on social networks). In this new perspective, the "old" branches will be transformed into boutiques where a transaction can be completed or where information can be found about proposals that the bank has sent via the Internet. 

The change contains in itself the concept of convergence and innovation but also of optimization and integration of tools and existing channels. "More streamline", automatic branches, preserving the only professionalism that cannot be renounced, that of the financial consultant. Access to the Transverse, multimedia bank, "always, everywhere", User Experience and Monitoring. A unified system that assembles all the customers' contact information.