Augmented, Virtual and Holographic Reality with SPACE 1

SPACE 1 is the solution that makes it possible for companies to rely on Augmented, Virtual and Holographic Reality in their processes, regardless of the market they operate in.

Thanks to the wide availability of parameterizations and standard connectors, which allow integrating with all company systems (ERPs, CADs, GISs, Internet of Things platforms), SPACE 1 is an easy and quick-implementation solution, largely established in several projects involving main international players. Furthermore, SPACE 1 is natively integrated with Geocall WFM, the OverIT’s Field Service Management product.

As a result of the high flexibility in the choice of the Operating System and of the type of device, SPACE 1 runs on the main smartphones, tablets and Head-mounted displays available on the market, this making it suitable for various operating environments, such as:

Plants, machineries and production chains to increase safety, efficiency, quality and to reduce downtimes. Maintenance activities can rely on interactive wizards and advanced multimedia functions, even thanks to remote support functions

Design and planning
For supporting and optimizing the prototyping process of products, this resulting into cost-reducing and time saving development, which allows evaluating alternative scenarios and improving the impact on the environment, at the same time

This including all leisure activities profiting from the overlapping of virtual images to the reality observed, as in the case of sport events, performances, theme parks, exhibitions and museums, video-games

Training & Learning
To create virtual training sessions (from remote, as well) on plants and complex machineries, simulating situations hardly reproducible in reality, unless at very high costs and to provide advanced remote support functions

Product description
For displaying all different types of assets and objects, machineries which are either expensive or difficult to move, complex products, with a variety of details and configurations, supporting the producer and the final user in the decision-making process during the purchase

Support to the medical staff, by training them from remote and sharing the activities with other staff members connected from remote