Knowage: the business analytics suite for future-oriented enterprises

Knowage is the open source business analytics suite for owned data valorisation, also supporting external and heterogeneous data sources, fully seizing the value of the big data phenomenon.

The suite includes several products, each one conceived for a specific analytical domain. They can be combined with one another to ensure full coverage of users’ requirements, also granted by its flexible delivery model: on-premise, as-a-service and on cloud.

Moreover Knowage allows self-service advanced analytics and tailored insights thanks to mash-up and data federation techniques, which allow you to combine traditional and structured data sources with leading-edge ones, such as Hadoop and NoSQL.

Relating multiple information sources is enabled by advanced analytical methods, in order to allow users to produce descriptive analytics, as well as diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive ones, thanks to specific data/text mining tools based on statistical and machine learning algorithms.

Knowage is suitable for different types of users, who can take advantage of a complete set of tools fully adaptable to the their specific needs and skills: decision-makers, who seek for well-defined, immediate and accurate information; ordinary users, more interested in hands-on experiences; data scientists, who need to build hypothesis and conduct incremental tests.