GAMES: Green active management of Energy in IT Service centres

A European research project aimed at developing methods, tools and software services and innovative metrics for the designing and management of energy efficiency in next generation data centers that will sue the paradigm of Cloud computing.

Games is aimed at drastically improving energy efficiency in data centers and reducing the carbon dioxide emissions, at the same time guaranteeing a satisfactory overall performance of the services provided. This is translated into the attempt to directly combine and integrate energy consumption measured at the following three different levels in a single monitoring platform:

  • activities/applications
  • hardware components used for the workload (processes, memory)
  • building.

Based on Nagios and its plugins, the platform has allowed real time construction of a single control unit and a fine granularity.

Data mining techniques and genetic algorithms derived from biological conduct have been used to provide the platform with the artificial intelligence required in the information extraction, reasoning and auto-adaptation phases, for the overall increase in energy efficiency and maintenance of service quality contractually provided for.

The project has foreseen the creation of an Assessment Tool that can evaluate Data Center's energy efficiency. The metrics and the approaches developed as part of the project have been validated using real testbed tests carried out in two large Data Centers located in Pont-Saint-Martin (Italy) and Stuttgart (Germany).

The international research consortium for the GAMES project

Thanks to this project, Engineering consolidates its presence in Europe in the energy and energy efficiency sector, a sector that is increasing its strategic importance in the ICT market and in the environment, in line with growing attention from EU policies concerning the reduction of the environmental impact from human activities.

Engineering leads the international consortium, awarded as part of the Energy area of the seventh EU Framework Program for technological Research and Development, a consortium that comprises 8 top industrial, academic and institutional European partners from four different countries (Italy, Germany, Romania, and Israel).

In particular, the consortium has brought together key companies on the industrial scene (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and IBM), research centers and academic institutes (Milan Polytechnic, University of Stuttgart, University of Cluj-Napoca), companies operating in the energy distribution and power market ( and Energoeco), and SMEs that are driving innovation (Christmann).