SGDI: Web Integrated Document Management System

The system has been developed to manage the IT protocol and INAIL documents, according to the current legislation in force and according to CNIPA recommendations on the management of document flows, and taking into account the principles of transparency, efficacy and efficiency of administrative procedures.

SGDI manages the entire document life cycle from registration to disposal, allowing correct management of both documents and electronic files.

The system has so far been used by more than 6,000 users (directly interfaced or via web services) and manages a significant volume of documents; some figures can give an idea of that volume:

  • 90 million documents filed
  • 45,000 documents acquired each day
  • 135,000 daily consultations.

From a technological point of view, the system was created following the best development practices and technological standards in a Java Enterprise Edition (version 5.0) environment. In particular, a development framework was adopted that allowed adherence to the

Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and a development by components to be followed.

The interface is based on Java Server Faces (JSF) technology, in particular using the Facelets. The business component that manages the system's logic has been realized on EJB 3 (Enterprise JavaBeans) technology and provides for scalable, distributable applications on several physical systems and publication of the rudimentaries of core business such as web services that can be used by other applications. The application database is on Oracle technology; Oracle's UCM has been used for document storage.

The system has been released on an Open Source platform, in particular on a Linus Red Hat system and on a JBoss 5.0 Application Server.