Cloe, Engineering's cloud enterprise platform

A broad offer combined with new more flexible and fast possibilities, managed with a service model that is close to the most demanding customer's needs and with a varied, complex context.

Cloe combines Engineering's experience in applications, where knowledge of the client's processes and reality is essential, and in the technology and supply of services, with wide-ranging experience in the provision of complex, highly critical services.

A large catalog of technological and application resources, provided as services and the following main characteristics: 

  • management portal: the necessary resources can be managed directly by the customer via the secure multitenant web portal
  • workflow: The most delicate actions on the system (deactivation of a resource) are managed via an approval workflow
  • resource management: Resources are managed in a uniform manner, using a dashboard, and can be requested, activated, deactivated and cancelled autonomously
  • use: The portal shows consumption of resources by the customer.

The services catalog is constantly updated and organized by type of services:

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
Virtual servers on demand, on Intel architecture at 32 and 64 bit, with a wide range of Microsoft operating systems (in various configurations) and Linux distributions (Red Hat, CentOS, Suse).

PaaS - Platform as a Service
Development platforms as a service; the main Stacks (.NET, J2EE, Open source) and the Open Source Spago suite are available.

SaaS - Software as a Service
Document and contact management applications as a service, CRM and asset management applications are the initial nucleus of the portfolio.  

Access to the resources ranges from secure connection via the Internet to dedicated, personalized solutions for the customer. Cloe can be used autonomously by customers or included in a wider range of infrastructural or application services (for example, application management, Service Desk, Desktop Management) reducing the time to market of projects and services and broadening the portfolio of solutions offered. 

Cloe is part of a larger Engineering initiative on the cloud computing front, which includes significant research activity, system integration and projects and development of "cloud-ready" products.