FABULOUS: Future Internet Business Acceleration Programme for 3D Printing Services

FABulous aims to create and support a Future Internet service ecosystem in Europe for 3D printing technologies, bringing together infrastructures and investors with startups and web entrepreneurs in the field of design, manufacturing, logistic and content-based services.

The IT industry is realising that 3D printing technology goes beyond a manufacturing technology. It represents a software-enabled ecosystem. This ecosystem includes 3D printers, CAD applications, scanners and online collaboration, much of which is open source.

FABulous is aimed at successfully providing a Future Internet-based innovation ecosystem in 3D printing, thus securing employment and growth, capitalising on European global tangible assets (manufacturing capabilities, bespoke services, digital marketplaces) and intangible ones (creativity, design). Failing to meet the challenge means once more we loose the innovation battle with respect to US counterparts. Future Internet is at the epicentre of the 3D printing ecosystem.

FABulous is one of the 16 accelerator projects of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, and is co-funded by the European Union.

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme (part of the EU Future Internet-Public Private Partnership FI-PPP) offers €80 million euros of direct funding, mentoring, networking and other acceleration services through 16 Future Internet Accelerator projects to promote the use and adoption of FIWARE technologies, and to help entrepreneurs create innovative Internet applications.