Intranet website for the Italian Lower House of Parliament (Camera dei Deputati)

A work tool for members of parliament, former members of parliament, employees, staff from parliamentary groups, aides to members of parliament and accredited journalists. Quick, personalized access to information and IT services from the House.

The intranet portal for the Lower House of Parliament realized by Engineering is, by its very nature of Enterprise portal, strongly oriented towards the needs of internal users and the organization's work processes, with a strong profiling and security connotation due to its reserved contents.

The system is a virtual desk for the users, allowing the following via a single point of access and via a single password ("Single Sign On"):

  • consultation of information about institutional and legislative activity
  • access to IT services and applications provided within it
  • communication with other users
  • interaction with the administration.

The portal allows two-directional interaction between users and IT service, with the peculiar characteristic of providing the user with the possibility of filling out and sending documents in addition to receiving information.

The main characteristics of the portal, i.e. the integration between IT applications and process and dematerialization of document at all levels (from folders to application forms, from bills to wage slips), allows the user's activity to be more efficient and simpler, both at parliamentary and administrative level and to speed up times and costs of parliamentary activities.