IGRUE: monitoring implementation data for the 2007-2013 Program

Monitoring activity plays a central role in the decision-making process for allocating national and EU financial resources.

As the body responsible for carrying out programs jointly-funded by the European Union and for controlling the efficient use of relative resources, IGRUE: the Inspectorate General for financial Relations with the European Union, has been appointed as the holder of the information system that should monitor on a national scale the implementation data from the programs jointly-funded by the EU and the programs covered in the National Strategic Framework.

The information system, realized with Engineering's technological contribution already in previous programs, is divided into a series of subsystems (components) that are aimed at different purposes:

  • a management component for the collection and validation of implementation data coming from information systems of the various local administrations
  • a cognitive component (historicized data warehouse) that can be consulted via a specific reporting system or via the web on the IGRUE portal.

The 2007-2013 program period has seen significant technical evolutions in the currently used information system. One of these innovations is the realization of the SRTP system (Project Collection and Transmitting System) for the collection and entering of data for monitoring individual administrations, the realization of a web services portal for local systems sending information, the introduction of open source tools for reporting and validating data and the evolution of the analysis and reporting system.