Cyber Security Objective

The digital era is characterized by a wide availability of computational power and heterogeneous data that are constantly produced and accumulated.

The capacity to analyze, form, correlate and process such data may be decisive in identifying threats and vulnerabilities and in forecasting incidents in various areas of  interest or of critical importance in our society: cyber security, cyber warfare, anti-fraud and protection of critical infrastructures are all important examples.

Engineering believes that the problems in these areas must be addressed using a multi-disciplinary approach based on the unification and integration of legal, economic and technological competences, as it has become evident today that the identification of efficient solutions and answers to the challenges faced clearly requires skills in the ICT sector, but also a thorough understanding of regulatory, domain aspects and an evaluation of social and economic impacts.

Engineering thus focuses its attention in these areas on Cyber Security, which refers specifically to defending computers and computer networks from IT attacks, as protection of the stored information, handled using IT systems and transmitted across the networks is of primary importance, with the aim of ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

The Group's offer in the Cyber Security sector is specialized in application security, perimeter security of IT infrastructures, security in exchanging information via networks with different levels of classification and security of critical infrastructures.