SPD: Non Life Policy Management System

The SPD solution (Non Life Policy Management System) is aimed at insurance companies that operate in non life insurance, addressing topics such as:

  • the complexity of sales channels and networks and centralized portfolio management
  • the need to codify and manage insurance products directly, in short spaces of time and intervention
  • integration with other company systems.

SPD was designed and developed according to the philosophy of openness and parameterization. Thanks to this setting, the client can autonomously create and manage insurance products. 

The use of WEB technology allows multichannel management of various sales network setups.

The presentation of the customizable, intuitive front-end facilitates the issue of policies for non-specialized users too.

By using standardized interfaces, integration with other company systems is simpler.

SPD allows the Management to fully supervise sales network activities and guarantees that each sales point will exercise direct control on its employees, with the following advantages:

  • Centralized software
  • Increase of security in back-up and disaster recovery policies
  • Online update of products
  • Full view and control of production
  • Guaranteed update of flows from and to the department
  • Widespread distribution in the area
  • Depth of unlimited sales network
  • Autonomous management of subordinates
  • Confidentiality in viewing information.