The Collaboration Area of Engineering

A full-immersion showroom for interaction and corporate communication.

At the Data Center of Pont-Saint-Martin, Engineering has designed - with the support of dotdotdot - the Collaboration Area, a communication-oriented ambience dedicated specifically to the clients that illustrates the corporate values, the solutions, the projects and the products through a demonstrative pathway.

Subdivision of the spaces, furnishing solutions, interactive experiences: the hub of the project is the demo area where the clients will enjoy a full immersion and interactive experience, thanks to the large table used as a platform for navigating the multi-media contents. This table provides direct feedback on the large curved video-projection wall; this adds a touch of scenographic impact that is transformed into a visual support of the contents.

On entering the Collaboration Area, the client immediately becomes the protagonist of the full immersion and communicational experience. The different ambiences, split by function, are part of a single visual identity, expressing the corporate values of innovation, research, internationalization and growth. The space has been designed to be versatile and flexible, to satisfy the different needs of the participants and the varying degree of communication required and the depth of investigation/research applied to the contents. The furnishings have also been designed to guarantee maximum versatility. The materials and the colorways combine to project an overall visual identity that differentiates the spaces according to function.

The objective of the project was to use architectonic choices, the materials and color to explain to the client the study behind the interfaces, the infographs and the communication, with the perception of an ambience that is undeniably avant-garde yet extremely user-friendly.

The architects perceived the Collaboration Area as a visually unitary ambience encompassing several different functional zones. Each is guaranteed appropriate privacy through the addition of an electric opaque glass partition that cuts across the two main ambiences: the ‘demo’ area and the ‘meeting’ area. This technological blade controls the light to suit different requirements.

The demo area is the nerve center. Equipped by a 40 seat gallery, it was designed to ensure that the visitors would enjoy a full immersive and interactive experience; this hall showcases the concepts of innovation and research through a system of intuitive and natural interaction. The table at the center of the space has been transformed into a control console and a platform for navigating the multimedia contents.

The functions and the features of the ambiences are managed by an iPad: for example, the layout of the hall, the lights and the music.

The multitouch table interacts directly with the major video-projected curved wall where the different contents of the table are highlighted. The media wall, with a strong visual impact, transforms the space into an environment around the visitor, who lives an immersive sensory experience.